Regulate Homosexuality

5 Nov

Exactly what do they intend when spouting off terms as “regulating homosexuality.”  Do I need a license?  Or approach the city for a zoning ordance change?   Wear a pink triangle? 

Why don’t people like Barton and the other right wing Christians explain their real intentions?  We are talking about making it a crime for me and others in the LGBTQ community to be who we are.  For all the gay and lesbian people who voted Republican this year you are fucking nuts.  

Yesterday during Signorile’s program on Sirius/XM OutQ members of my community who voted Republican cited taxes as the reason for voting for the Republican Cult over their own rights.  Do they have a clue they are voting for the very people who would either toss their ass in prison or force them into a reparative therapy camp?  Lower taxes will do us a lot of good when our incomes are reduced to almost zero.  The last I checked being an inmate doesn’t pay very well.  That will be after they take all of your savings and property to pay for reparative therapy which anyone with two brain cells must realize doesn’t work. 


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