Sites & People I Like (& Some I Don’t)*


Mike Malloy  (Anyone who likes Mike Malloy is a friend of mine. Among the most consistent and honest  people I’ve had the pleasure meeting.  Listen to the program then  subscribe to his podcast or else you will turn into snake poop)

Joe My God  (One of the top rated LGBTQ Bloggers.  Don’t you dare skip his site or you will wake up in the morning with the shocking discovery that your undies and bed linens are crawling with lobsters)

 Pam’s House Blend (I include Pam Spaulding among one of the most influential people advocating for LGBTQ issues. )

New Left Media (The guys from New Left Media must have nerves of steel to go into the belly of the beast and interview agitated parrots) 

Pharyngula  (P.Z. Myers, Ph.D is good with a hammer and nail too.  Or so I hear.  Hint: Can you spare a communion wafer?  Gentle reader, if you still don’t get it by now then google it)

H.M.S. Beagle  (There are some very brilliant people who read GordonOKC’s blog and the owner of the H.M.S. Beagle is included in that group.  Of course the fact that you have ventured this far speaks highly of you too, gentle reader.  Please visit his site.)

Bartcop  (Damn you Bart.  With your  IQ of 64; that  demotes me to the second smartest guy in Oklahoma)

 Dutch Newman and the Musical Melodians ( I know Dutch and consider him a friend.  His music is inspired by the 1920’s and 30’s style jazz.  When onstage you will find Dutch and the other Melodians properly dressed for the era.  Check out their site and be sure visit the “Music” link on their sidebar which has some great samples including video  you can stream.  After listening I always ask, “Where’s my fedora?” )

Michelangelo Signorile (If you have Sirius/XM and have not listened to Michelangelo see me after class!  To Michelangelo.  Did your mama give you that name?  If anyone has listened you know the story)

Atheist Experience (This is a weekly public access television program produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. If the front page does not load the program go to the archives.  Here is a short segment of a show discussing if it’s inappropriate to be gay.)

The Friendly Atheist (He sold his soul on Ebay and lived to write a book about it)

Dispatches from the Cultural Wars  (Ed is a co-founder of The Panda’s Thumb and host of Declaring Independence radio program Thursday 6-7pm ET. You can thank me later for introducing you to Ed Brayton)

Kay’s Report Card (Heard on the Mike Malloy Program.  Kay provides political commentary and often some insight on what’s on the minds of her students.  I’ve met Kay on a message board and her tone is very polite.)

Prairie2News (Heard exclusively on Mike Malloy’s program.  Not only is Prairie 2 an exceptional writer he provides valuable economic news.  Not suggested immediately before bedtime unless you have a stiff drink handy.  You have been warned.)

Thom Hartmann (He can write a book before you can finish reading this sentence)

My Church Family  (If you made it this far you are surely a sinner.  Please DO NOT clck this link and pester my church.   Skip to the next site)

The End of the  World (By far the best site on the web about…well you know.   If you don’t visit this site RIGHT NOW hords of bedbugs will strip your flesh to the bone while you sleep tonight and you will miss out on all the fun)

 US Senator David Vitter (R-LA) (Why is he listed?  Lets just say it depends and leave it at that)

Former US Senator Santorum  (R-PA) (Bringing people and their dogs closer together) But that’s not all.  Check out the popular Santorum link for all you need to know.

  more to come later……….



*Here’s the fine print.  I receive no payment or sponsorship in any form whatsoever from the links provided anywhere on this page or elsewhere on the GordonOKC blog.  So if I say I like or endorse someone or something you can bet the farm that I’m being honest and sincere about my position. In other words I’m not a whore.  (No offense for sex workers)


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