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God is Just (but he is love)

11 May


History of God

6 Apr

I know people who are such literalists they believe in such ideas as being direct descendants of The Patriarchs even though all of their known ancestors were from regions of the Earth that could be up to thousands of miles away from where the alleged stories of knowing and begetting took place.

With the fundamentalists and even some moderates this video, regardless of how accurate, would induce an immediate visceral response complete with accusations of blasphemy.

Here is Part 2:

Pat Condell’s Latest: “The Great Jesus Swindle”

31 Mar

Here’s the latest from Pat Condell.  If any Christians are reading this post and already think this video will be offensive…it’s not.  That is unless you are part of the money grabbing clergy (aka televangelist) or perhaps the religious right.

Earthquake to Destroy California: Blame the Atheists

23 Mar

Religious right preacher, Rick Joyner somehow received the word directly from Jebus that it’s time to flee California because of the wicked atheists. 
After watching all the suffering in Japan one must ask.  “Who needs a devil with a god like that?”

Debate From Last Weeks Festival in Mexico

20 Nov

Here is last weeks debate which included Richard Dawkins, Michael Shermer, and Matt Ridley opposing Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig,  and Douglas Geivett.

A few days ago the entire debate was posted but it was difficult to listen to because the English speaking participants were dubbed over by an interpreter.   The good folks who recorded this were quick to provide the entire debate from start to finish in both versions (with or without a Spanish interpreter) to the benefit those interested in listening. 

h/t to

Some Famous Atheists

5 Nov

Here’s a video naming some well known people who are atheist.  Some may surprise you.   

Update: Richard Dawkins and Michael Sherman in Mexico City Next Week

2 Nov

Here’s a link to the schedule of events in Mexico City for the Origins of the Future Rebirth 2010 Festival.  There is a lineup of some very impressive participants.  Richard Dawkins will follow Steve Pinker on November 12, 2010 during a timeframe beginning at 12:30 p.m.
On the Nov. 13 at 10:30 there will be a debate covering the question, “Does the Universe have a purpose?”
The teams will include Matt Ridley, Michael Sherman, and Michio Kaku opposing Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig, and Douglas Geivett. 
 Christian apologetics think William Lane Craig is a big deal.  I remain unimpressed.  However this promises to be a wonderful debate whichever side you are on. 
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