Born Again Christians Get New DNA?

16 Jun

That’s not really such a big surprise.  Such occurrences were commonplace here in Oklahoma.   Just google for Joyce Gilchrist.  Her now discredited career in Oklahoma City made national news about a decade ago.

The speaker in the video is Damon Thompson who correctly assumes his audience will accept his wildly outrageous statements without question.  If such unsubstantiated tales were offered to a more sophisticated crowd he would have been properly jeered and booed off the stage.

Unsurprisingly Thompson hatred of the LGBTQ community is every bit as mind numbing stupid.

Fortunately not everyone is falling for Damon’s bullshit.  Here is a portion of what a young man named Ashton writes:

But when I heard Damon again mere months later at the same church, things had
changed. I had already begun to lose hope that the promises he had made would
ever manifest in reality and, this time, he was unable to stoke the flames and
excitement within me as he had before. Even as he made proclamations of divine
destiny, I found myself disenchanted. And then, when he started railing against
“queers,” I lost all hope that he was any better than his suit-and-tie

“Yeah, I said queer,” he reaffirmed. “It’s time we started calling sin for
what it is and stop trying to make it sound nice!”

I knew that there were people in that sanctuary that very night who were gay.
I knew that there were people there that very night who were lesbian. I knew
that there was at least one person in the church that night who hurting from

But Damon didn’t, or if he did, he didn’t seem to care. There was no love in
his heart for the ‘homosexual’ (as he otherwise called them). In some ways,
hearing preachers like him constantly talk about ‘homosexuals’ was even worse
than hearing him use the word ‘queer;’ while his enunciation of the word ‘queer’
truly dripped with disgust and revulsion, ‘homosexual’ just sounded cold.
Scientific. Devoid of humanity.

And that’s exactly how preachers like Damon make gay youth feel — less than

I left the service that night with a far different opinion of Damon than I
had held before.

The above quote from Ashton Elijah, a journalism student, is a brilliant and revealing post which is worth reading in its entirety.

In the meantime I dedicate the following picture to Damon Thompson and his fans:


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