5000 Year Old “Gay” Skelatal Remains Found?

6 Apr

The skelaton found in the Czech Republic dates to 2.900-2,500 BCE.  The alignment of the body plus the artifacts imply the remains are that of a gay male. 

During that period, men were traditionally buried lying on their right side with the head pointing towards the west; women on their left side with the head facing east.

In this case, the man was on his left side with his head facing west. Another clue is that men tended to be interred with weapons, hammers and flint knives as well as several portions of food and drink to accompany them to the other side.

Women would be buried with necklaces made from teeth, pets, and copper earrings, as well as domestic jugs and an egg-shaped pot placed near the feet.

If the remains are that of a gay male and considering the care taken by those performing the burial this could also suggest that gay people in this culture were treated with the same respect afforded to straight members of the community. 

Source: The Daily Mail


2 Responses to “5000 Year Old “Gay” Skelatal Remains Found?”

  1. The Big Blue Frog April 6, 2011 at 5:25 pm #

    Seems like a bit of a stretch. It could have been that they were just in a hurry, or they were from a tribe that did things a little differently.

    I have to admit I haven’t read the entire article, so I may be missing something.

  2. gordonokc April 8, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Another possibility is that of a person born with a condition rendering their sexuality ambiguous. One point the person leading the archaeological group mentioned is the culture had “strict burial rules” and I suppose that is why there is so much speculation about this burial.

    Here is a link to a more detailed article. At least they didn’t use the word “caveman” in the headline. Only I think calling the excavation a “Stone Age Gender Bender” is tad bit going over the edge as well.


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