North Caroline Elects Openly Gay State Representative

3 Nov

One afternoon about a month ago I received a phone call seeking a contribution from the campaign of a candidate for the North Carolina State House of Representatives.  I’m in Oklahoma but have donated to candidates in other areas and I suppose my name is in some database. 
I was told a little about the candidate.  A bit about his background, that he’s black and openly gay.  I asked what the chances looked like and was told they looked very good.  So I agreed to make a contribution.  It wasn’t huge but lets just say a little more than chump change. 
I am pleased to learn this man won a seat in the North Carolina Legislature.  Congratulations Representative Elect Marcus Brandon!
Marcus Brandon has been elected to the North Carolina House of Representatives.  He will represent the cities of Greensboro and High Point in the state legislature.Brandon will be the only openly LGBT state legislator in North Carolina, and one of just five openly LGBT African-Americans serving in state legislatures across the country (including Maryland House of Delegates candidate Mary Washington, who will also win tonight).

Source:  Gay Politics


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