The Folly of Bombing Mecca

2 Nov

Tom Tancredo the American Constitution Party candidate for governor in Colorado is still calling for the bombing of Mecca and other Muslim holy places. Of course as a governor such action is above Tancredo’s pay scale. However he did advocate the same when running for president during the last presidential election cycle. Other Tea Party leaders have expressly endorsed the same tactic which they foolishly see as a strategic solution to Islam. 
The first time GordonOKC heard the “bomb Mecca” suggestion was from Dr. Robert A. Morey.  The argument goes something like this.  Mecca being the most holy place of Islam, the location all Muslims must face when they pray and the place where all Muslims aspire to travel for a pilgrimage at least once during their lifetime if they are capable.   Morey concludes that Mecca’s role is so essential to the core belief of the Muslim faith that if destroyed Islam itself will collapse. 
Such a proposal is doomed from the start. It’s easy to predict such shallow personalities as Tancredo and other Teabaggers not investing much thought in this issue, or any other issue for that matter. But for Dr. Morey with more than one doctorate degree espousing this idea is astonishing.  Perhaps he’s too close to theology to see the evident.
Religions, much like biological life evolve over time.  Some evolve more slowly than others.  Those that evolve poorly die off. Those that evolve adequately for survival in their environment survive.  Keep that in mind for now.
Lets suppose for the sake of argument the bombing scheme is carried out and all that remains of Mecca and the immediate area is a sea of irradiated glass.  Problem for Islam?   Not so fast. Here is where the evolution of religion kicks in whenever necessary to perpetuate the survival of the meme.  All the leading clerics and scholars of Islam need to do is to declare that Mecca still exists, only that it is now transformed to a holy spiritual plane. A dimension which is now eternally safe from further desecration by the filthy infidels. Problem solved. 
I don’t think there’s a need to speculate what will be the next topic on the agenda do we? 

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