The Atheist vs Peter Popoff and The Gospel Channel

1 Nov

There’s a point here which easilycould be overlooked but deserves mentioning emphasizing..  The person who produced and  posted this video on YouTube is dprjones, an atheist.  Yet I think we should agree that those stand to benefit from dprjones’ efforts are exclusively Christians.   An interesting note is that by all appearances it is a Christian organization which is offering resistance.
Here’s an update.* 
Since the original video was posted to YouTube by dprjones, the video was removed from his channel. According to dprjones’ channel the reason for the removal was because of a complaint the Gospel Channel filed with YouTube.   Keep in mind the fact that the Gospel Channel collects money from Peter Popoff Ministries to air his program. 
It took only a few days for the Gospel Channel to file a DMCA complaint yet they have failed to address the issues surrounding Popoff of which they were first made aware of back in July. Actually I’m granting the Gospel Channel a whole lot of slack as Popoff was exposed back in the eighties for being a fraud.   
The Gospel Channel deserves condemnation from the Christian and atheistic communities alike.   
*The only reason the video can be viewed is because other YouTube users have “mirrored” the video.  Don’t expect an explanation from me as to how that works with YouTube.  Those who are active YouTube uses will know the in’s and out’s. 

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