One Year Ago Hate Crimes Prevention Act Was Signed Into Law: Preachers Still Spout Lies

28 Oct

One year ago today President Obama signed the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act into law.  The professional politicians (some people call them preachers) reacted as expected.  Before passage and once the legislation was signed into law they were occupied by working themselves, their congregations and anyone who would listen into a hissy fit.  To this day they still are echoing the same falsehoods.  These self righteous practitioners of priestcraft need to be called out for either their hostility against the LGBTQ community, their blatant ignorance or their deliberate lies.  Take your pick. 
One could compile a long list of the opposition.  There we can find the usual names of those who cash in on the highly profitable  business of the homophobia industry ranging from Dobson’s outfit down to the pipsqueaks who like to use the words “family association” in their many names.  But I will pass….for now. 
 We have good reason to suspect there are many other hustlers out there repeating the same old canard.    But who are they? 
“Hating gay people will become a thought crime” some from this group whines from their echo chambers.  Usually they conceal this message within the context of theological buzzwords such as “sin”.  But it is still hate.  So much for their other fib which goes something similar to “love the sinner but hate the sin.”  Unwittingly they have now been busted for two lies. 
“Ministers will be arrested for preaching homosexuality is a sin” became another special pleading.  Is there a reading comprehension problem with these folks or what?  The “Hate Crimes Prevention Act” has a clause which provides specific protection for statements made by these pulpit parrots.  Not that it was necessary.
The ink was not dry once the president signed the legislation into law before a cadre of pompous preachers gathered outside the Federal Justice Department in Washington, D.C. some of whom were hoping to be arrested.  At least three traveled from Oklahoma. Nothing happened. 
Photo from the Christian Post.  Speaking is
Rick Scarborough.  Standing to his immediate
left is Rev. Paul Blair of Edmond, Oklahoma.
Back to the question asked a couple of paragraphs ago.  Who are they?  This can be answered with two words.  Black and Robe. 
A few weeks ago Glen Beck dropped the name, Black Robe Regiment.  And in fact there is an organization called the Black Robe Regiment.  Not much is known about them except they bought into the revisionist history spun by David Barton who also happens to be Beck’s historian.  The other group goes simply by the name Black Regiment.  This organization which is promoted by former presidential candidate and political preacher named Chuck Baldwin also advocates the same agenda  
In order to qualify as a member of Baldwin’s Black Regiment one must meet ten requirements.   For the purpose of today’s anniversary this article will focus on just one.   That being number six which reads:

6. He understands freedom of speech and believes that a preacher is a spokesman for God (not the State) and has publicly decried so-called “hate crimes” legislation that would prohibit preachers from preaching Biblical truth regarding homosexuality.

One can’t be any clearer than that.  Among other things in Baldwin’s creed demands is that one must publically repeat the lie about the “hate crimes” act.   Now it gets interesting as we explore the members of the Black Robe Regiment. 

One member of this group is Rev. Steve Anderson, pastor of the Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona.   His enjoyed fifteen minutes of fame by calling for the death penalty of gays: 

The same God who instituted the death penalty for murders is the same god who instituted the death penalty for rapists and for homosexuals, sodomites and queers!

About U.S. Representative Barney Frank, Anderson had this to say:

That’s who sold out our country, a faggot! And I’m here to tell you something! I’m not going to stand for it, and let a faggot run the church! It’s bad enough that we’ve got a bunch of faggots running the government!
And about President Obama he had this to say:
Now, look, if somebody wants me, it somebody twisted my arm and tells me to pray for Barack Obama, this is what I’m going to pray, because this is the only prayer that applies to him: ‘Break his teeth, O God, in his mouth. You know, as a snail which melteth, let him pass away. Like the untimely birth of a woman, that he thinks — he calls it a woman’s right to choose, you know, he thinks it’s so wonderful. He ought to be aborted. It ought to be, ‘Abort Obama.
Now what was that about pastors being rounded up and tossed in the clink for speaking trash from the pulpit? 
In Oklahoma a member of the Black Robe Regiment  is Rev. Paul Blair, pastor of Fairview Baptist Church of Edmond, Oklahoma.  When he’s not on a mission to lose his church’s tax exemption for politicking from the pulpit he’s either neck deep in the Tea Party or hoping to carry on where the now dead Rev. D. James Kennedy of Coral Ridge Ministries left off. 
Blair also pals around with the vicious homophobic Okla. State Rep. Sally Kern who is known for her “homosexuals are more dangerous than the terrorists” puke she spewed a couple of years back.   Her husband is Rev. Steve Kern * of Olivet Baptist Church of Oklahoma City.   He is also a member of, you guessed it by now I’m sure, the Black Robe Regiment. 
In closing as we recognize this first anniversary of the enactment of the “Hate Crimes Act”  which added sexual orientation to the list which also includes religion and has for the past forty-five years that “Hate Crimes” has been the law of the land.  Despite the claims coming from theses preachers the number of pastors arrested for saying “homosexuality is a sin” remains at zero.   We should remind them of this inconvenient fact frequently.  
 *If you click this link about Steve Kern it takes you a page associated with the Gossip-Boy/Hate Trackers site.   Once there you will find some blank areas.  Be sure to highlight those areas for a wealth of information.  The folks at the Gossip Boy have done a lot of work and have taken great risks in reporting other issues unrelated to what is mentioned here,  they are reliable for telling the truth and they are also sick of people copying their work and not giving them so much as a credit.   That’s why so much of the page appears blank when it really isn’t. 

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