KKK “Rally” For A Homophobe Lasts Only Twenty Minutes

23 Oct

According to an article appearing online at the Augusta Chronicle’s’ site the klucker rally only attracted a dozen klan participants and lasted only twenty minutes. 

Although the KKK promised at least 50 members would arrive for the three-hour rally, only a group of a dozen showed – 40 minutes late. They left 20 minutes later. The event did not turn violent.

Contrast with the counter demonstration which far outnumbered the KKK marchers.

The dozen Ku Klux Klan members settled in the median in front of Augusta State University Saturday and faced nearly 300 onlookers who had been patiently waiting for their arrival.


The article isn’t specific but I think it’s a safe assumption to state the crowd of  300 onlookers” are those participating in a counter protest of the klan;s message. 

We all owe a round of applause for the members of The Queer Justice League, Get EQUAL, Proud Ally and other groups and individuals who support the GLBTQ community in our quest for full citizenship rights.

Hate is not a value it is an expense that robs each of us.


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