Teh Gay Is Like Alcoholism

19 Oct

Focus on the Family and other self righteous groups are falling all over themselves as they rush to the defense of senatorial candidate Ken Buck who compared sexual orientation to alcoholism.  This demonstrates that neither Buck or his defenders know anything about either.  Or if they do, they are not telling us. 
From the Gazette.com

Bennet said on “Meet the Press” Sunday that Buck saying homosexuality is a choice and his drawing an analogy between it and the disease of alcoholism are “outside the mainstream of views on this.”

But Buck’s views are closer to the mainstream in Colorado Springs. For years conservative Springs ministry leaders have compared alcoholism to homosexuality.

Jeff Johnston, Focus on the Family social policy analyst, said Monday, “Alcohol affects your whole body, and so does sexual behavior. The highly addictive (aspect of both) is an apt comparison.”

I’m not aware of any study that supports or even mentions the possibility that someone in their developing years while never having any experience with alcohol presents with either the mental or physical craving “for a drink” described by alcoholics.   On the other hand, it should be common knowledge that many if not most young people realize they are attracted to the same sex before ever experiencing a sexual encounter. 
Speaking from my own experience I knew there was something different before reaching puberty.  I can also say that whenever the question comes up about “how long did you know”  without exception every gay friend or acquaintance will reply, “all my life.”   Keep in mind that this about conversations with a lot of people over the years.   
While I’m on this topic here’s a question that has been asked in one form or another which the religious bunko artists chose to ignore.  Why is it that ONLY the gay and lesbians  are accused of  having a choice regarding their sexual orientation?    
On Edit:  Here is a video where straight people were asked when they chose their orientation.

2 Responses to “Teh Gay Is Like Alcoholism”

  1. The Big Blue Frog October 19, 2010 at 12:53 pm #

    When did straight people choose to be straight? Did they weigh the options and make a conscious decision?

  2. gordonokc October 19, 2010 at 1:19 pm #

    It is amusing to watch the homophobes eyes glaze over as they squirm, stutter and shuffle when asked about choosing their own sexual orientation. Furthermore, why should someone who is unable to answer a simple question about their own sexuality be allowed to claim the right to decide or regulate that of millions of others?

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