Questions About Religion? Ask An Atheist

28 Sep

Several years ago I spent a reasonable amount on a service called PalTalk which is a voice & text service for chat rooms covering diverse venues.  Among the discussion and debate chat rooms are those devoted to theological beliefs or those challenging such belief systems.  I noticed many of the atheists were far more knowledgeable of the various theological beliefs and history than the believers themselves.  This seemed to be especially true with the various Christian sects.  Perhaps my casual observations were not so unfounded after all. 

Here is a survey written by Mitchell Landsberg of the Los Angeles Times and posted at a Fox affiliate in Utah.

If you want to know about God, you might want to talk to an atheist.

Heresy? Perhaps. But a survey that measured Americans’ knowledge of religion found that atheists and agnostics knew more, on average, than followers of most major faiths. In fact, the gaps in knowledge among some of the faithful may give new meaning to the term “blind faith.”

A majority of Protestants, for instance, couldn’t identify Martin Luther as the driving force behind the Protestant Reformation, according to the survey, released Tuesday by the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Four in 10 Catholics misunderstood the meaning of their church’s central ritual, incorrectly saying that the bread and wine used in Holy Communion are intended to merely symbolize the body and blood of Christ, not actually become them.

Atheists and agnostics — those who believe there is no God or who aren’t sure — were more likely to answer the survey’s questions correctly. Jews and Mormons ranked just below them in the survey’s measurement of religious knowledge — so close as to be statistically tied.

So why would an atheist know more about religion than a Christian?

As painful as it is to link to anything that says “Fox” I’ll let you go to the article for the explanation.

How would you do on the religious knowledge test?  Click here to find out. 

Guess who aced the test with a score of 100%?   I suppose that makes some within the religious community jealous because atheist are better at Trivia.


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