Fossil Discoveries

22 Sep

There are two separate reports of fossil discoveries making the news today.  One in California; the other in Utah. 
The find in California is described as a huge cache in the BBC article and is a million years older than the famous tar pits. 
The fossil haul includes remains from an ancestor of the sabre-toothed tiger, large ground sloths, deer, horses, camels and numerous small rodents.
Bloomberg reports on the Utah discovery which uncovered two new species of horned dinosaurs that lived 76 million years ago and were “cousins of the Triceratops” .
To add interest here’s a map which includes the North America area where the dinosaur fossils are found. The top map illustrates the area’s boundries from 94 MYA.   Look for the arrow pointing toward the Rocky Mountains.   The bottom map is 66 MYA.

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