Support the New Left Media

15 Sep

Many of us have watched The New Left Media as Chase courageously interviewed participants attending the Tea Party gatherings.  They were also present for the tragic overturn of marriage equality in the State of Maine. 
Sometime it is as pleasant listening to the teabaggers screech their nonsense as hearing the scratching of fingernails on a dry chalkboard.  But it’s important for each of us to know just what it is that motivates this movement.  I think the teabaggers have been brainwashed by a cable channel that rhymes with pox, but that’s just me. 
Now to the point.  These guys are college students and they have used their meager personal funds or borrowed money to bring the informative videos to us. Arguably they do a better job than the usual “main stream media.”   Now they could use some help. 
New Left Media is seeking some donations, which is rather modest in my opinion. 

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