Westboro Baptist: Jones A False Prophet

10 Sep

Uh Oh.  It seems a schism has developed between the Phelps clan and the wannabe Qur’an burner, Pastor Terry Jones.   Just weeks ago the small cult, Dove World Outreach Center with Pastor Jones was marching with their new best friends forever, the Phelps Westboro cult.  That was then.  When Pastor Jones indicated his pyromanical event will be called off  the Phelps clan is furious.   Here are some excerpts attributed to an email sent out by Shirley Phelps-Roper.

“The Westboro Baptist Church will burn the Quran and doomed-american flag on 9/11/2010.

The false prophet Terry Jones caved—like all false prophets do, and like we told you he would.

It’s time to talk to the false religious systems of the world—we’ll start with the perverted Muslims and their pedophile prophet Muhammad! We will burn your Quran on 9/11/10. To tell the world that the Muslims are the servants of God—and they will bring the final affliction to Israel and the Jews according to the promises of God. When God called out the children of Israel as His people—and made them His first fruits—he told them if they obeyed Him he would bless them and leave them in the land. They did not—they turned to idols and whoredoms and disobeyed. So they were spewed from the land. They have been in stark rebellion against God from that day to this. How fitting that these ancient peoples—modern-day Muslims—should be God’s servants to fulfill that promise.”

Then Shirley Phelps-Roper’s  message turns toward a very dark apocalyptic tone. 

You 1.2 billion Muslims of the world have one job left, to wit, to march on Jerusalem. (No one cares where you plan to build your “community center” in this doomed land. There’s not enough time left to build it!) You bloody brutes were prepared by God for this hour! Beast Obama will lead you! The Day of Vengeance is in God’s heart. His Final Indignation against the children of Israel is coming—soon! Beast Obama will be king of the world—and he will lead the Muslims (and other false religions) and their armies to march on Jerusalem. It will be an amazing thing. It’s coming soon.”


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