Finally in Oklahoma

8 Sep

I’m delighted to see this billboard appearing in Oklahoma City just in time for the state fair.  I was worried for a while we would be skipped in the billboard campaign
If time and scheduling conflicts were not an issue I would march straight to the Oklahoma Atheist’s Meetup pronto and be more active.  I’ve had the pleasure to attend a couple of the meetings a few years ago and found everyone to be very cordial and well informed.  They are also supportive of the LGBTQ community and participated with a float in the local gay pride parade.   
I expect to hear an endless spewing of unsophisticated arguments and logical fallacies coming from the religious community in the area  I’m sure the fundamentalists, of whom there is no shortage in Oklahoma, will not disappoint. 
I noticed during one of the local TV news reports a local Baptist minister supported the freedom to place the billboard and (perhaps here’s the hook) invited the local atheists and agnostics to visit his church.  That’s nice I suppose if his intent is not to argue.  I’m in my sixties and have heard just about every argument and all the restructuring of the same tired arguments thousands upon thousands of times.  But if someone wants to convert me to their position on religion I acknowledge their right.  To be fair I guess I’ll need to repay the favor. 
Warmest regards to the groups involved in the billboard campaign.  

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