Pastor Jones to the World: Suckas, You’ve Been Pwned

7 Sep

Unless you’ve been in a coma or a news blackout recently the name of Pastor Terry Jones (aka the Koran burning wannabe) must be familiar as the aroma of last night’s cheap beer and pickled eggs this morning.  Something just doesn’t smell right. 
Thanks to the investigation by BackgrOund NO15e writing at the Daily Kos we learn more about this recent publicity junkie which should help explain what could be going on here. 
WTF?”  That’s what I’d say if I woke up to that headline.  But trust me, it’s true.  By the time I’m done you will see that Terry D. Jones, the asshat in Gainesville, who is stirring up a shitstorm by promising to burn copies of the Koran ain’t motivated by love — as he claims.  

Think I’m kidding?  Think this is hyperbole?  

Let me show you what a multi-million dollar money laundering operation looks like, complete with shell corporations.

Terry loves to go on TV and radio and talk about how his “Islam is of The Devil” campaign is really motivated out of love for Muslims.

I call bullshit.

He ain’t motivated by fear of Islam taking over America an enforcing sharia law.  
He ain’t motivated by hate of the people who attacked the WTC and the Pentagon.  
He ain’t motivated by some twisted dominionist reading of scripture.  
He sure as hell ain’t motivated by some sense of divine mission.
No… this muthafucka is motivated by money.  

The religion gig?  That’s just the first level in this con artist’s layer cake.  The book burning event is merely a marketing ploy to support his money machine.  Sounds harsh?  Let me show you what a multi-million dollar money laundering operation looks like, complete with shell corporations.

Money laundering is nothing more than a way of obscuring the source of your income.  It breaks down into three stages:a real estate transaction.

1. Placement:  Dirty money (almost always as cash) is inserted into a legitimate operation.

2. Layering:  Money is transferred through a variety of businesses (often across borders) to make it as difficult to trace as possible.

3. Integration:  The money re-enters the mainstream economy in some legitimate form.   For example, as a real estate transaction.

This is where you say, “Wait a second.  He doesn’t need to launder anything.  The guy is running a church and some associated charities.  It’s all tax-free.”

And that’s where I say, “Oh no it’s not.”

People have used the power of religion to con other people in civilizations around the world throughout the centuries.  I’m not saying religion is a con.  I’m saying it is a powerful tool that can be used to con people if you are so inclined.  Professional con artists know this all too well.  Whole books have been written on the psychology of con games that use religion as bait.  Religion as a con game didn’t start with Elmer Gantry.   

Most con games — even the religious variety — are strictly cash and carry operations.  Fleece the mark and move on.  But if you want to set this up as an ongoing proposition, you need a credible cover story and you need a way to clean up the money trail.  Terry and Sylvia Jones are experts at working this angle.

*Note.  At this point the article goes into some detail on the activity of Jones and his companies which maintain the same address as that of the church he pastors. See link above.

What we have is  

 1.   a couple who take in money for allegedly religious purposes (placement) and

 2.  shuffle it around through multiple businesses across state lines and even internationally (layering).  

3.  The money then comes back in through a variety of channels managed by for profit corporations that are subsidiaries of an LLC owned and operated by Terry and Sylvia (integration).  

4.  The profits are turned into multiple real estate holdings of considerable value (payday).   

You have to admire this operation.  None of the holdings are in their names.  The corporations they control own the properties.  They have effectively used the corporate structures to insulate themselves from any claims.  But they are in a position to derive all the benefits. 

Here’s where I think this is headed.  I think these grifters are getting ready to blow town.  They have all but shut down their online operations.  They are trying to sell their major real estate asset.  They are simultaneously trying to provoke a major media event that will put them in conflict with local government, who has expressly forbid them from having their bookburning.  I fully expect they will go ahead with their shindig and when the hammer comes down, they will cry “persecution” and flee… taking as much money as they can so they can “start over anew in more hospitable environs”… while leaving his fleeced flock of faithful holding the bag.

Meanwhile who knows the final repercussions our troops will face because of this scum bag preacher who doesn’t give a fuck.   We have all been warned, including Pastor Terry Jones.


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