Anti-Bullying a Gay Conspiracy?

1 Sep

Focus on the Family is at it again under the disguise of  “True Tolerance.”

Let me see here.  This Orwellian named organization is promoting the idea that one must not tolerate the mere mention that bullying gay kids is wrong.  

Imagine if the white crackers had thought up this meme in the early days of school integration.  Or did they?

I refuse to be lectured about tolerance by an organization which fights against inclusion of our (LGBTQ) community in federal hate crimes legislation and lies about the rationale for their stance.   An organization which misrepresents scientific studies of qualified researchers.  An organization whose founder, the vile James Dobson, launched an ex-gay ministry which I accuse of wrecking countless  lives while promoting guilt and shame.  James Dobson who started a lobbying arm, The Family Research Council (FRC) which lobbied against a resolution condemning Uganda’s “Kill the Gays Bill”.  The FRC  includes such characters as Peter Sprigg who would like to see gays arrested and placed in prison or deported. 

So where does FRC or Focus on the Family get their morality and ethics?  Clearly the wrong places and the wrong people.

See more at Alternet which concludes with:

The big irony is that Cushman contends that Focus on the Family wants to establish an anti-bullying program to help all students. I find that hard to believe on so many levels. The citation of Rekers as a reliable source is one reason. The entire campaign in general is another.

If they don’t want schools to acknowledge lgbts, how can they talk about protecting lgbt youth?


One Response to “Anti-Bullying a Gay Conspiracy?”

  1. thejamminjabber September 3, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    According to Doctor D, taking a shower with your son and showing him your dick will make him straight.

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