The Orange Man is Full of Shit

26 Aug

Orange man John Boehner, the GOP (Get Old People) leader of the US House of Representatives proves once again the dangers we all face if a dimwitted fuckhead like him becomes the next Speaker of the House. 
Don’t take this wrong.  I don’t have anything against oranges.  After all some of my favorite fruits are orange.  But I cannot trust an ignorant orange, who in the middle of a godamned drought lecture the farmer for watering the thirsty orchard. 
Orange man Boehner is doing just that.  He claims the efforts to stimulate the economy have “gotten us nowhere.”  
 NOWHERE?   You’re shitting me aren’t you?
I remain of the position the stimulus package was too small and more needs to be done…like yesterday to  provide any significant stimulus.  What I advocate bringing to the party (besides a nice package) could best be best described as a freaking truckload of Viagra.   The real stuff.  Not some  weenie placebo. 
But lets hear what a someone with a real background in economics has to say about Boehner’s dunderheaded shit-for-brains claim.  And to make it interesting how about…lets say, John McCain’s economic advisor, Mark Zandi. 
 “we would be in a measurably worse place if not for the stimulus. I don’t think it is any coincidence that the great recession ended at precisely the same time that the stimulus, and in this case when I say stimulus I am talking about the [American Recovery and Reinvestment Act] ….was providing its maximum economic benefit.” That maximum benefit came in the second and third quarter of 2009, Zandi said.What would have happened without the Recovery Act’s fiscal stimulus? “If we had not had the stimulus, estimates that are put forward for example by the Congressional Budget Office are exactly right. We would have 2-1/2 to 3 million fewer jobs today than we actually have. So employment – payroll employment – is off 8 million jobs from the peak. If we had not had the stimulus we would be off by about 11 million jobs,” Zandi said.

Rather than a national unemployment rate of 9.5 percent, “we would have an 11.5 percent unemployment rate,” he added.

The federal government’s stimulus effort, which totaled close to $1 trillion or 7 percent of gross domestic product, “certainly has not helped as much as anyone would like, although I think that is just a matter of expectations. I think the expectations were wrong,” Zandi said. “They were misplaced. But the stimulus did exactly what it was intended to do. It was to end the recession and jump start a recovery and it did that.”



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