Pray Away teh Gay

26 Aug

Volumes of work, both scientific and opinion have been written about the harm caused by reparative therapy aka “pray away the gay” by the LGBTQ community.  I will go a step further and accuse such groups of providing excuses for gay bashing thugs who commit violent and often deadly acts because of the false belief that gay people somehow decided to direct their sexual desires toward members of the same sex. 
Someone needs to expose the reparative fraud insustry.  That’s why I deeply admire and respect the brilliant and articulate activist, Wayne Besen.  Wayne has been exposing the scams perpetuated by the so called reparative clinics for nearly 20 years.  Has it been that long?  Almost.
I encourage anyone who is not aware of the efforts of Wayne Besen and the group, Truth Wins Out, to invest a few moments of your time and learn about their gallant work. 
Here’s a heartbreaking interview with David Yost, the original actor who once played the role of the Blue Power Ranger.   In desperation he hooked up with a reparative therapy program complete with the expected goofy godbots and they nearly wrecked his life.  

One Response to “Pray Away teh Gay”

  1. James August 27, 2010 at 6:29 am #

    If all it took was a prayer, I think there would be no gays in the world.

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